Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What's In My Bag - June 2013

Bag- Miss Selfridge 

Make up bag- I take my make up bag with me everywhere, just incase I need to touch up at any time. Its full of my everyday make up. 

Perfume - I love Jimmy Choo, its so fresh. Its nice to have a spray every now and then. 

Face wipes - My eyes seem to water a lot, due to hay fever. So I need these all the time just to freshen my eyes up. 

Phone - My phone dosen' t leave my side at all. 

Keys - Need to take my keys to get into my house. Plus it has a few memories on there so its nice to look at when I'm down. 

Purse - Just incase I feel like I need to spend more money.

Lip balm - My lips get very dry so I always need some sort of lip balm on me.

Umbrella- Because you never know what the English weather will be like.

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