Monday, 1 July 2013

That Spark

Hat - Miss Guided / Jumper - Topshop / Waistcoat - Oasis / Jeans - River Island / Boots - River Island / Watch - Chanel / Bracelet - Pandora / Bag - H&M 

So today I wore my comfy's. I have been to Sheffield today to see my family which was nice. This jumper is so nice to wear. I love the sparkly bits. 

Sum up June : So the start of June I was up to my eye balls with uni work. I was so stressed out just wanting to finish. 
I went to the Lakes with my boyfriend and his family, which was a nice little break. 
It was Fathers Day, but I had to work. But I saw my dad and my grandad for dinner that night. Good to spend time with my family. 
I had my porfolio showing at Graduate Fashion Week, and there was an exhibition of my work at the Univeristy. 
I found out that I am graduating with a 2:2 which I am happy about. 
I celebrated a lot, still not finished. 
I have worked a lot, I need the money so I need all the hours I can get. 
I have finished Uni for GOOD!! I'm so happy.

Its been a good month, but theres lots happening in July.

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