Tuesday, 3 December 2013

November Sum Up

Which outfit is your favourite?

So in November  ...
It was mine and Deans 1 year anniversary 
I went to Barbados: went to Sandy Lane beach, went to the Cliff restaurant, went on a jet ski.
St Lucia: Saw some Dolphins, Saw the Pitons. 
Grenada: Went in a water taxi.
Dominica: Went to a black sand beach, Went to a rain forest, saw waterfalls, went in a sulpha spring.
St Kitts: Went to a beach. 
St Maarten: Went to the airport beach and got blown away by a plane. 
Tortola:Went to a beach. 
Bonaire: Went on a beach. 
Curacao: Went for a tour in a tup tup.
And I worked haha. 

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