Hand Care

Cotton Wool Pads - I use these to take my nail varnish off, but I also use them for other beauty things. They come really handy for different things. They are soft and they have two different sides, there is a light textured surface and a compact surface. Ideal for delicate skin.

Cutex Moisture Guard - Nail Polish Remover - This protects nails against breaking, nail whitening formula, for dry nails. This is perfect for me because my nails are so dry. It takes nail varnish off perfectly. Its cheap as well and lasts for a long time. 

Nail File - You can get these any where, I always like to have one with me just incase one of my nails breaks. I have some small ones in my bag I take every where with me. In my job its hands on so my nails break every now and then. It gives nails a smooth finish. 

Rimmel, Nail Nurse Rescue - Its a 14 day treatment, it says " Longer, stronger, harder and more resilient nails in 2 weeks. Reduces splitting." I have seen a difference in my nails after using this. I have one nail that it just doesn't affect, but it's always been like that. It does work. I always put this on my nails every day. Under and over nail polish. But sometimes when I have a break from colour I pop this on to give my nails a bit of shine. 

Rimmel, Nail Rescue Base & Top Coat - This is a 5 in 1 product, it's basically the same as the pink one but its also a base and top coat. I apply this over the pink rescue, and over my nail polish. My nails look healthier after applying this. 

Neutrogena, Nourishing Hand Cream - Now Im not one for hand creams because I hate the feel of it. But I like this one, I put it on after doing my routine and it absorbs so quick. It smells just the same as any hand cream would. Its perfect for dry hands. I take this with me every where I go as well, my hands tend to get really dry quick so I just pop a bit of cream on them and they are hydrated again. 

So this is how I take care of my hands and nails. I do this once a week, but I use the cream when my hands dry out, at work or just in general. I have done this routine since I can remember but I only found this cream a few months ago. I get all these products from Boots and I use my own money to pay for them.