Skin Care

Clean & Clear / Exfoliating Daily Wash / Oil Free - I use this every other day, its an exfoliator but its not as harsh as you'd think it would be. Its perfect just to give your face a scrub with to get all the make up and dirt out of your pores. I suffer with really bad skin, and this product I find really helps. I have used it for about 4-5 months and its made my skin feel 10 times better. 

Agera Laboratories / Deep Cleansing Salicylic Wash - My mum got me this from the salon which she goes to, I'm not sure of the name. I use this in the morning and at night. I do this throughout the week and have a break at the weekend. My skin feels so soft after using this. At times my skin can get really bad and this calms it down. It can dry my face out at times too, but I haven't used it for that long so my skin is still getting use to it. 

Johnson's Face Care / Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes / For Normal Skin - I use these to take my make up off and my eye make up. I have used these since I can remember. They are good for when your face needs to be freshened up. I always take them on planes with me when I am travelling so my skin doesn't dry up. 

Neutrogena / Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control / 3 in 1 Daily Cleansing Lotion - I only use this product at night, after I have washed my face. I put a tiny bit on a cotton wool pad, and massage it into my face. It dry's up quickly and leaves your skin feeling tight. It deeply cleanses, reduces excess oil and shine and help clears spots. This also dry's my face out. But it seams to help when I have have spots that grow under the skin that don't appear for ages. It gets to them before they show. 

L'OREAL / Skin Perfection / Advance Correcting Serum - I use this morning and night after using my Agera face wash and my Neutrogena lotion. I put less on in the morning and more on at night so it puts back some moisture in my face after ripping it all out from the other products. I have found this is a perfect moisturiser for me and my skin. I find other products are too greasy for me, and this one is perfect it soaks into the skin quick and tightens my pores, making my skin feel silky smooth in a morning. I am going to try the daily moisturiser soon as well when I get paid. 

Garnier / Ambre Solaire / No Streaks Bronzer / Light / Self- tanning dry face mist - I use this every other day when I use my exfoliator, I always use it at night just before I go to bed so I wake up with a bit of colour in my face. It smells quite bad, but I can deal with it. I have also used this for a while and this seams to help with my problem skin. The only thing bad about this is the smell. 

Clinique / Take the day off / make up remover for lids, lashes and lips - I only use this on my eyelashes and eyebrows. I have a mascara that I can not get off sometimes. This really helps to take it off. I take my make up off every night before I use all my washes and lotions. Its gentle on my eyes, and takes the stubborn mascara off. 

I find all these products work best for my skin type. I have dry skin but the Moisturiser works well to put the moisture back in my skin. I buy most of these from Boots, and my Mum buys me the Agera wash. I buy them with my own money.