Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Year In Outfits

What 2013 outfit was your favourite?

So 2013 has been a busy year ...

January -
We went to leeds and celebrated New Year
I had a lot of uni work to do
And I worked a lot.

February -
I went to watch the Lion King in Theatre
We went to watch the rugby
We went to Newcastle
We went to Manchester for Valentines Day
We went to London
I worked and did loads of uni work

March -
We went to Dublin
I worked and did loads of uni work

April -
I had loads of uni deadlines
I worked
We went to Blackpool for a night out

May -
Uni work deadlines
Exhibition work
Portfolio work
I worked a lot

June -
Went to Liverpool
Final uni grades - I got a 2:2
I worked
I went out for loads of meals

July -
Went to Sheffield to see my family
We went to watch the rugby
It was my Graduation
I went to Liverpool for a night out
I had a Graduation/Birthday party
It was my birthday
I worked a lot
I applied for a new job

August -
I had an interview and got the job
I went to Kavos for two weeks
Started my training at my new job

September -
Started my new job
Worked loads of hours
Went for a few nights out
Booked New York 

October -
Went to watch Jay Z
Went to watch the Grand Final of Rugby
Went to Spain 

November -
Went to Manchester and stayed in the Hilton
It was mine and Deans One year anniversary 
Went to the Caribbean

December - 
Went to the Manchester Christmas markets 
It was works Christmas night out 
Went to Chester Winter Wonderland 
Had an amazing Christmas with family 
Had an amazing New Years with friends and family 

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