Holiday Guide - Get Holiday Ready (Beauty)

To get holiday ready its nice to treat yourself to beauty treatments. I wanted to give my hair a good cut before I go away, my hair was in bad condition. It would of been in even worse condition on holiday from all the heat, swimming in the pool and sea. It would of just dried up. So I decided to get a hair cut. I had layers put in to give my hair some extra body. My hair will be in good condition now ready for my holiday.
I also had my eyebrows done, I let them grow for a while and I am glad I did. They are a perfect shape now. I had an eyebrow wax and tint, it's good to get your eyebrows done so they are clean for your summer hol. I have patches in my eyebrows where the hair doesn't grow and it is so annoying, sometimes I go a bit over board on filling them in but now I can just lightly fill in the patches.
On saturday I am going to have a manicure and pedicure, I am loving white nails at the minute. It's a great colour to show of your tan. My nails are so long so they need filing down alot.
I think its nice to treat yourself to these things before you go away it makes you feel better about yourself.
I had my hair and eyebrows done at Femme Hair and Beauty the girls there are so nice. They did my hair just how I wanted it, my eyebrows are probably in the best shape they have ever been. My mum treated me to these because its my birthday soon, bless her. 
I try not to use my tan mist on my face before I go away so my skin is free for the sun so it will tan.