Holiday Guide - Packing

Right so you have booked an amazing holiday you can't wait to go on, you have all your important documents and your beauty essentials in your travel bag, you have all your beauty treatments done. Next thing you need to do is pack. Now lets face it, we always take far too many things than we actually need. Too many shoes that you never wear, too many clothes that never get worn. I try and keep myself organised the best I can so I can pack lightly for the flight, because you always come home with more things than you went with. 
So the best thing to do is write lists. First thing you need to do is plan your outfits! I always start with what I am wearing at night. How many nights are you going for? Well I am going from Sunday to Sunday so I will need six night time outfits. Pick out some outfits you know are going to be perfect for your holiday. Next lay them out on the floor and do an outfit lay out, put shoes, bag and accessories with it. Take pictures of these outfits. After you have done all 6 outfits, start pack the things you need for them outfits. I always use the same necklace twice or use the same shoe on every outfit, this might not always be the case when you get there but at least you have an idea. 
After you have packed you night time outfits move on to the day time, like your bikinis and what you are going to wear over the top. Pick your bikinis, add the outfit and do an outfit layout like with the night time ones. Once you have done that, you can pack all that. 
So next we move onto toiletries. My mum bought me this gorgeous toiletries three piece bag set form M&S and its the best thing ever, it comes with a larger clear bag, one polka dot medium bag, make up bag and a small mesh bag.  Start from your head, so think of the products you will need for your hair, shampoo, conditioner, argon oil, heat protector, hair spray, other styling product,hair brush, bobby pins and bobbles. Next move onto your face, I normally stick to my daily routine when I am on holiday, face wash, face scrub, cleansing lotion, moisturiser, make up remover, face wipes, cotton wool pads and suncream. Next move onto your body, deodorant, shaver, suncream factor 30 (yes you can still get a tan with factor 30), shower gel and aftersun. With suncream I always use factor 30, your skin needs more protection than you think, you might not be able to see sun damage but its there. At least you are getting a high protection with a good tan. 
Don't forget to take plugs for the different countries.
I always always always write down what I have put in my case. I put my clothes on one side and the rest on the other side of the case. 
I am sorry if I have missed anything out, I just wanted to do a little guide on packing. I am always bad at packing but the more I stick to this method the better I get. 
I hope this has helped if you are packing and going away :) 
I am going away for a week so this will be my last post until I get back with holiday outfit posts and what I got up too.