Holiday Guide - What's In My Travel Bag

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So I am going on holiday on Sunday, and I thought I would do a little holiday guide. I have to be organised before I go away, so I always start everything a week before I go. The first thing I get ready is the bag I am going to be travelling with. So I got this back pack from H&M which is ideal for the airport. Some of the main things in this bag will be ... Passport, money (I always take euro's and pounds), purse, holiday documents and phone. Those are your main priority to starting your holiday. Secondly we have things you will need to keep you busy, I always take my headphones and I like to read books on the plane, but I will get one at the airport. Thirdly we have the beauty must haves .... Tangle teezer, nail file, lip balm, face wipes and a little mirror. Fourthly is the sunglasses, for when you land and the sun is beaming in your eyes.