Dolly DayDream Christmas Shoot - BTS Make Up

Make Up - Leah Craven / Model - Elisha Cieslar

So on Saturday it was Dolly Daydream's Christmas 2014 Photo Shoot. Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of the make up Leah Craven did. She has got an amazing kit of make up, Im not one for beauty but she had every make up tool, foundation, mascara, lip product you can think of. There was so many different colours. As we only had a limited time with Leah, we decided to go for two eye looks and switch up the lip colour. The first eye look was the navy smokey eye with false eye lashes and a nude lip. We then changed the lip to a more Kylie Jenner colour. The second eye was a gold eye with false eye lashes and a nude lip. We also switched that up with a plum and a red lip. This shoot was such a massive success. The make up was flawless and stunning. 

I will be putting up more behind the scenes pictures over the weekend. Then I will give you the final edited pictures. 

How amazing is this make up? 

I would like to say a massive Thank you to Leah for doing this fabulous make up!