Dolly Daydream Christmas Shoot - BTS Outfits

Here are a few more behind the scenes pictures from our Dolly Daydream Christmas shoot. These are some of the outfits we used. All the outfits are from Dolly Daydream, the shoes are mine and the models own. For the shoot we had so many ideas of what we wanted to do, it took us a while to plan it out and get things sorted. We all had different ideas, but as we got into the shoot none of them plans came to light. We just worked with what we had. We turned the place into a party scene, we put the Christmas tree up and made it look as though it was the end of the party. We used party outfits of course. No Christmas is complete without a sparkly outfit. We kept it simple with the accessories and shoes. We just wanted the dresses to be the main focus. It was so much fun to be a part of. We all enjoyed making it happen, it might have not gone to how we planned but it turned out so much better. 

Model: Elisha Cieslar / Make Up: Leah Craven / Styling: Me & Elizabeth Smith / Photographer: Mark Leeming