New Hair

So the other week I had my hair cut off. At first I couldn't get use to it at all, even though I have had my hair short like this before. But after a few days I started to love it. I wanted a long bob, the cut was not what I was expecting as I had pictures of hair that was longer. But I actually like it this short. My hair is now longer at one side and short at the other side, I tuck the shorter side behind my ear. It is so much easier to manage, doesn't take as long to wash, dry & curl/straighten. It is always a big change when your have your hair cut shorter, but I know quite a few people that are going shorter this season. 

 Is anyone else thinking about cutting their hair short? 


  1. Love the hair!! I also cut mine off a few months ago and its so much easier to maintain

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Thank you Candice, it is isn't it? Its nice to have a change as well :)


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