February Fashion Haul

Cream Knit - River Island (similar)
White Trousers - River Island 
Buckle Detail Top - River Island
Black Midi Dress - River Island 
Black Trousers - River Island 
Grey Stripe Shirt - River Island 
Heels - New Look 
Snake Print Skirt - River Island (Similar)
White Suede & PU Skirt - River Island (Similar) 
Trainers - Laundry Boutique 
Dungarees - Laundry Boutique

Throughout the month of January, I decided to save my money and I put myself on a spending ban. I did quite well considering I have some sort of shopping addiction. I was proud of myself for not spending money for so long. But now I know I can do it, and I actually have the will power not to spend. Then it came to the end of the month and I went on a shopping spree. At the moment I am totally loving River Island, its the one shop I just can't get enough of at the minute. The minimalist and tailored styles are something I am attracted to at the moment. Especially in black and white. I like to keep it clean & simple. I wanted a pair of pointed lace up heels with a block heel, I was looking for one for ages then I found this amazing pair from New Look. HOW AMAZING? You just can't go wrong with a black lace up heel. I have also wanted a pair of black dungarees, and finally one day they came in a delivery at work and I just had to have them.