10 Ways to Style: Polka Dot Jumpsuit From Primark | Outfit 1

Outfit One:

Jumpsuit - Primark - https://goo.gl/KDiYmu

Denim Jacket - Laundry B - https://goo.gl/MWGGvr
Belt - New Look - https://goo.gl/F9nufC
Boots - Laundry B- https://goo.gl/MWGGvr

In this outfit I went for a casual look. I added some biker boots to make the look more rock chic & added a belt. I then added a denim jacket as it is coming to spring now so it's not that cold. I added a shopper bag because it is perfect for if your going shopping and just want to shove everything in your big bag.

If you want to watch more ways I styled this jumpsuit then head over to my YouTube.